Woman's Lips Balloon After Getting Fillers at Botox Party

Inside Edition spoke to a doctor about what to know when getting lip injections.

A British woman nearly lost her top lip after getting fillers at a Botox party and doctors say her story should serve as a warning to others

Rachael Knappier, 29, had Botox injected into her forehead and filler injected into her lips during a Botox party in August. The woman who was administering the procedure reportedly wasn’t a trained beautician, and three hours after the party, Knappier’s lips swelled up to three times their normal size.

New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, who had no involvement in Knappier’s injections, spoke to Inside Edition about what went wrong. 

“That injection might have injured this artery [and] now she had no blood supply to the lip,” Rowe said. “It can lead to swelling and excruciating pain both of which she had.” 

Botox parties have become more and more popular over the years, giving women a place to get together with friends and have cosmetic procedures at the same time. However, there is supposed to be a licensed doctor.

Knappier was rushed to the emergency room near her home in Leicestershire, England, and doctors dissolved the filler in her lips. Within a few hours, the swelling was going down.

The incident may have occurred a few months ago but her story is just now getting worldwide attention. 

While what happened to her is shocking, it also serves as a warning. “Botox and fillers are medications, and they should be injected by a medical professional,” Rowe said.