How Comedian Liz Miele's New Book 'Why Cats Are A**Holes' Can Teach Us to Be Better Humans

Comedian Liz Miele's new book "Why Cats Are A**Holes" not only teaches readers about the felines, but teaches better ways to deal with other humans.

For the most part, cats get a bad rap. They're described as aloof, unfriendly, and most commonly, they're called a**holes. But comedian Liz Miele's goal is to change everyone's opinion.

With her new book, "Why Cats are A**holes," she's out to prove that cats can teach us a lot about dealing with other humans. She said, "Sometimes you have to wait it out. And I think, intrinsically, women know that. Like we're handed a lump that is men. And we kind of are like, I feel like this could be better. And I feel like that's why a lot of women are drawn to cats. You're like, it's almost there. I just feel like, with a little bit of love and training, you could be the pet I want you to be."

Liz is no stranger to dealing with cats as both of her parents were veterinarians. Her mother is also a cat specialist, so she’s learned to adapt to having them as pets.

"Is it exactly the pet you want? Not really," Liz says. "But they're so fun to like, put stuff on top off. They don't express themselves. They always look miserable. How funny is that? That's so funny. How can you not be brightened up by the fact that something so cute looks so miserable all the time?"

With her book, Liz aims to change people's minds about the felines. "Whenever I hear somebody that says they're not a cat person, my first instinct is to be like, what experience did you have to get you there?" She explained. "There's tons of bad press. I get that. But there's also an entire Internet of videos of them being the cutest thing."

And at the end of the day, cats, like humans, have imperfections, but it's all part of their charm. As Liz points out, "This is who they are. This is what it is. And you either love it, or you don't."