How Cutting Out Sugar Helped Inside Edition's Deborah Norville Lose 30 Pounds

Deborah Norville said the best part has been hearing her daughter and husband congratulate her.

Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville is opening up about how she lost 30 pounds, saying that the transformation should have come years ago. 

“It should have come when I was walking on to the red carpet at the Oscars and my zipper burst. I had to stand on the red carpet, mostly with my back to everybody," she recalled.

The incident occurred nine years ago, but she said it wasn't until she visited the doctor that she got serious about getting healthy.

“The wake-up call came when I went to the doctor and the genetics of my family history finally caught up with me,” she said. “My father had every cardiology issue known to man and [the doctor] said, ‘You can't outrun your genetics.'

"It caught up with me in the form of elevated blood pressure, which is happily is under control with a little bit of medication."

While she was able to control her blood pressure, she still wanted to lose some weight. So her doctor advised her to cut out sugar from her diet. 

“I figured this would not be a big challenge. Then I started reading labels. ... You realize how many products have extra sugar," Norville said. "What I have decided was if it ends in 'ose,' it's gross, don't eat it, don't drink it,” she said. 

There was an adjustment period, she said, but eventually it became less of a struggle.

She said she now enjoys hearing her family comment on her stunning weight loss. 

“The neatest thing has been to hear ... my daughter say, ‘Wow, Mom, I’m really proud of you.’ To have my husband go, ‘Wow, look at you!’"

Over the summer, Norville put on a dress she bought in 1977 and it fit her perfectly. 

Her advice to those looking to change something about themselves? It's on you

“I wasn't doing anything about what I didn't like about my body. That's what we do as Americans, to look like everything is good, even if inside we're not real happy,” she said.

“If you know what it is that is the source of your unhappiness, do something about it.”