How to De-Escalate an Intense Police Confrontation

The tips come as disturbing bodycam footage of a young woman's violent arrest on a beach sparks a national debate.

Recently revealed police bodycam footage shows the violent arrest of a New Jersey woman on a beach over Memorial Day weekend that has left many in shock, but security expert Steve Kardian tells Inside Edition that the situation could have been avoided. 

"If she had cooperated, she would have been in a much better situation," Kardian said of Emily Weinman, 20, was enjoying Memorial Day weekend on the Jersey Shore with her daughter and the baby's father when officers ask her who unopened containers of alcohol belong to.  She tells the officers they belong to her aunt and that she didn’t drink any alcohol.  The officers have her take a breathalyzer test, which she passed.

The officers had accused her of underage drinking, but she passed a breathalyzer test. As she turned her back on the cops while calling her aunt on her cell phone, the situation quickly escalated.

On the bodycam footage, the officers can be heard saying, "Go grab her real quick, and we're going have them pour that all out." 

The police then ask her for her last name.

When Weinman refused to tell the cops her last name, they attempted to arrest her. When she appeared to push one of the officers, the situation got out of control.

A fellow beachgoer captured the confrontation from another angle with a cell phone. It shows one of the cops on top of her with his arm on her neck, swinging his fist and repeatedly hitting her.

As she's handcuffed, she appears to spit at one of the officers.

"She would have walked away with maybe a summons or a verbal warning," Kardian said. "They take the alcohol, she enjoys her day and she is not in handcuffs."

He added that the part-time officers' lack of experience didn't help the situation. 

"They receive less training than full-time police officers," he said. "They don’t have the life experience a seasoned veteran has. Their use of force? That will develop over time."

Once Weinman was inside the police cruiser, the arresting officers are recorded on the bodycam footage trying to explain how events spiraled so out of control to a full-time cop. 

“She tried kicking at us, so I slammed her on the ground,” one cop said. "She kicked him, and then I hit her a couple of times."

"She kicked me," said another cop. 

Both officers have been reassigned to administrative duty pending an investigation.  

The charges against the young woman include two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer.