YouTube Star Helps Cops Find Stolen Car After Posting Footage

The thief has been taken into custody.

A California man was riding his bike when he noticed his wife's stolen car, and with the help of a YouTube star who happened to be nearby, the alleged car thief was nabbed.

Alex Bernstein spotted the vehicle last week, days after it had been reported missing on May 11 as he was riding his bike through Los Angeles.

When the woman behind the wheel of the car started to flee, Bernstein threw his bike in front of the vehicle to stop it and called the cops.

The driver then jumped out of the car and started running away.

Video of the confrontation was recorded by Matthew Santoro, a YouTube celebrity who was a passenger in a car driving by.

“It was actually very brave for the man to stop the car because this could have been a very bad person with a weapon," he told Inside Edition. "You never know."

Santoro is a YouTube star with 6 million followers, who usually shoots quirky educational videos. He immediately shared his chase footage on social media.

"I knew somebody out there would either recognize her or tag the actual authorities," he said. 

His plan worked, and the woman seen running away from the stolen car has been taken into custody, according to the LAPD.