Texas Constable Writes Himself a Ticket After He's Caught on Camera Running Red Light

Cop writes himself a ticket
Constable Mark Herman didn't want to become known as the constable who "got away with running a red light."Handout

Constable Mark Herman did the honorable thing, it seems.

A Texas law enforcement officer who found himself on the wrong side recently wrote himself a ticket after dashcam video showed him running a red light.

According to a statement from the Harris County Constable Precinct 4, Constable Mark Herman didn't want to become known as the cop who "got away with running a red light."

Chron.com reports that Herman was caught on a Harris County sheriff's deputy's dashcam on May 8, running a red light at an intersection. 

The deputy pulled Herman over and the two appeared to get into a confrontation when Herman exited his truck while the deputy ran his license plates.

"Are you going to get out and approach my car or are we going to sit here all day?" the constable reportedly asked.

The deputy replied: "I'm running your plate, making sure your vehicle's not stolen. You know the standard patrol procedures, right constable?"

The argument continued as the deputy asked for Herman's license and proof of insurance. "Are you serious," Herman reportedly asked, stating that he was driving a county vehicle.

Herman proceeds to argue that he didn't run a red light. Eventually, the deputy lets him off with a warning.

But after seeing the video that shows him running the light, Herman ultimately decided a warning wasn't enough.

"My office issues thousands of traffic citations yearly keeping our citizens safe," Herman said in a statement. "As constable I am not above the law and should be held accountable."