How to Drive Safe in Extreme Winter Weather as Another Deep Freeze Grips America

Sixty percent of the country is reportedly covered by ice or snow.

The deep freeze is creating havoc on the roads across America as 60 percent of the country is reportedly covered by ice or snow.

In several areas of the South, motorists who may not be used to freezing conditions are having difficulty navigating the roads.

Driver safety expert Pat Daly showed Inside Edition how best to handle icy roads while behind the wheel.

“The thing to remember with winter driving is that people tend to go too fast in a situation that they don’t realize is too dangerous,” Daly said. “So, slow down. If you go to the brakes and you feel them pulsing, that is ABS — anti-lock brakes — that are taking over at that point.” 

He recommends slowing down, avoiding sudden acceleration or stopping and if you find yourself skidding, don’t slam on the brakes, but rather turn into the slide and keep your eyes on the road, but don’t hit either of the pedals. 

“The thing to remember is slow movements, steering should be slow, acceleration slow, brake slow,” he said. “Be gentle and smooth.” 

Motorists on an ice-slicked highway in Houston were seen doing U-turns and driving the wrong way down the exit ramp in Houston Wednesday.

Atlanta resembles the North Pole as of late. Earlier in the week, a pickup truck tried to make it up a hill but as the tires did best to push forward, the vehicle slid back down.

Even professional drivers are having difficulty. In North Carolina, NASCAR icon Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashed into a tree while trying to help others who were stuck in the snow.