How to Fight Off an Attacker While Jogging

Security expert Steve Kardian gave Inside Edition some tips on how to stay safe while out for a run.

A female jogger in Massachusetts is explaining how she got away from an assailant who tried to grab her while she was running.  

The woman says she got a sense of danger as a car stopped in front of her while she was out for a morning run in the town of Bridgewater.

As she passed by, the driver got out and ran at her, and before she knew it, the suspect had grabbed her wrists and was trying to get her into his car.

"I tried not to panic, but I knew that if he got me into the vehicle, then I'm in a really, really bad place," she said.

So the jogger put up a fierce fight. 

"I yelled the entire time," she said. "All I yelled was, 'Help me, help me' as loud as I could."

She added that her sunscreen may have also made it difficult for the attacker to keep a grip on her.

A neighbor heard the jogger's screams and came over to help as the attacker stumbled away.

The assailant jumped into his car and took off, but not before the quick-thinking jogger took a photo of his car.

Security expert Steve Kardian shared some tips with Inside Edition on what to do to fight off an attacker.

He said to move as much as you can, swing your torso and spray him if you have pepper spray. He also said to move your elbows as much as you can to try and hit the attacker and have him loosen his grip. 

"Remember, all you want to do is injure him enough so you can get away," he said. 

The suspected attacker is being arraigned on assault and kidnapping charges in a Boston hospital. He was taken there after crashing his car. His lawyer held a sheet in front of his face during the arraignment, at which he pleaded not guilty.

This is not the suspect's first brush with the law. He was convicted of rape in 1978.