How to Keep Your Kids Safe at the Pool

A swim safety expert said parents should always be watching kids when they're in the pool.

A swim safety expert is offering lifesaving tips to parents after a 3-year-old girl almost drowned in her community pool before being rescued by her big sister.

Jayla and Kayli Dallis were at the pool in their Atlanta apartment complex when 3-year-old Kayli jumped into the water with a floating tube around her waist. She toppled over and slipped out of the tube, and she was submerged in the water for two minutes.

Jayla, 10, sprang into action and jumped in the pool to grab her sister. She hoisted Kayli to the deck, where CPR was performed by several people. Kayli was taken to the hospital and spent two weeks in recovery.

The girls' mother is thankful to have Kayli home, and she is proud of Jayla for saving the little girl.

The incident is a good reminder to know how to stay safe at the pool so everyone can have fun together.

So Inside Edition spoke to swim safety expert Jim Spiers. He said that if your child doesn't know how to swim, they should always wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket to avoid tipping over or going under the water.

He added that it's not the time for multitasking, because floaties are "not necessarily safe unless there's a parent nearby."

"Parents should always be within arm's length and paying attention. Not on their phone. Not on their iPad. Not grilling. They need to focus on their child," Spiers said.

You can help the Dallis family by donating to their GoFundMe.