How 'Love Island' Is Making History in the U.S.

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"Love Island" is coming to America

The series, originally from the United Kingdom, sees young and sexy singles sent to a villa, where they must pair off in a selection ceremony. From there, they compete against each other, all while new individuals, male and female, are sent into the villa to try to test the Islanders' loyalties to each other. 

In the American version, contestants will be sent to Fiji. The show will air an unprecedented five nights a week and feature votes from the public to help decide who stays and who goes. 

"I feel like this show is pretty unique," host Arielle Vandenberg told Inside Edition. "I've never seen a show that airs five nights a week and also has this live aspect to it."

She added that she thinks the show will be in keeping with the steamy DNA of the U.K. original.

"I think you can expect a lot of hookups," she said. "I wonder how scandalous it can get."

The American version of "Love Island" will kick off on July 9 at 8 p.m. on CBS.


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