Love Is Love: Zoo Celebrates Gay Penguins During Pride Weekend

The sign is inspired by and honoring Stonewall’s “Get Over It” campaign.
ZSL London Zoo

It isn’t just humans getting in on the action this Pride weekend: Penguins inside a British zoo are being celebrated for their love as well.

The ZSL London Zoo displayed a banner inside the habitat of the Humboldt Penguin colony, which features several gay penguins, that read: “Some Penguins Are Gay, Get Over It.” 

The sign is inspired by and honoring Stonewall’s “Get Over It” campaign, which, according to their website, is a way to tackle homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying.” 

“We loved Stonewall's campaign and wanted to remind people that same-sex relationships happen across the animal kingdom — even here in our penguin colony at ZSL London Zoo,” the zoo said in a statement to BBC

The colony features the zoo’s famous same-sex penguin couple Reggie and Ronnie as well as other gay penguins. Reggie and Ronnie came out as a couple in 2014 and have been together ever since.

The habitat features 93 other penguins including two other same-sex couples — Martin and Dev, and Nadja and Zimmer. 


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