How to Navigate Treacherous Roads as Nor'Easter Strikes Again

The flakes may look pretty, but the white stuff is downright dangerous on the roads.

Just two days into spring, the Northeast has been hit with another snowstorm, the fourth nor'easter to strike in three weeks.

Driving is downright dangerous and Inside Edition hit the road in New York City with AAA’s Bob Sinclair to get some tips on how to navigate your vehicle in the mess of snow and ice.

You have to be very careful when coming to a stop. 

“The most important thing to remember is the fact that it can take your vehicle up to nine times longer to stop in ice and snow compared to clear conditions,” Sinclair said. “Avoid doing [more than] 25 miles per hour in snow and ice. If someone steps out on the roadway or if a bicyclist comes out, you have to steer around them because if you hit the brakes you don’t have enough distance to stop."

He says his best advice when snow piles up is to “stay home” and “avoid driving.” 

Treacherous streets and highways are wreaking havoc due to the storm.

In Maryland, a school bus swerved off a road in the town of Frederick. Fortunately, no children were on board. 

Video from Arlington, Va., shows a motorist sliding off the road. 

Winter Storm Toby left icy and snowy conditions that shut down the federal government in Washington D.C., but the White House was picturesque as the flakes fell.

The first lady shared images of the snow around the nation’s capital. 

Country singer Toby Keith had some fun sharing a name with the storm, taking to Twitter to say, "How do you like me now?!"

In a stunning image, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shared an image of Winter Storm Toby from space. 


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