How One Unique 'In Stitches' Needlepoint Art Exhibit Is Brightening Up One of New York City's Busiest Hubs

Kevin Lustik's display can be viewed until the end of January.

Art is all about thinking outside the box, which artist Kevin Lustik is doing with his needlepoint pieces that now liven up the drab walls of New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal.

He said he started quilting when he was in college, but needlepoint was his thing. "I just did a few stitches, and then I thought I'm hooked. I started out more traditionally, and then it became more wild."

Kevin's whimsical pieces draw commuters in and give them a tiny but welcome break from the hustle and bustle.

Kevin also uses his art to touch on more serious, pressing issues like politics and climate change. And if viewers look closely, they can always find a little something extra in the pieces.

Kevin's "In Stitches" series will display through the end of January.

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