How One Woman Taught Her Dog to Talk

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Stella may be a dog, but she’s able to tell you exactly what she wants just by putting her foot down.

Her owner, Christina Hunger, a speech pathologist, created a customized keyboard with 29 buttons for 29 words like “outside,” “park,” “beach” and “play.” 

Then, she taught Stella how to express herself by putting different buttons around the house.

"I just figured she needed another way to say the words she already knows," she said. 

Hunger says her 18-month-old precocious pup is now “talking” up a storm. Sometimes combining four to five words in a row and “speaking” in sentences. 

She says her favorite words are “outside” and “play.” Her least favorites are “later” and “inside.”

“She likes to be outside and she likes things to happen now,” Hunger said. 


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