How Rapper Jim Jones Saved His Photographer and Friend's Life After He Suddenly Collapsed

Both men chatted with Inside Edition Digital's Stephanie Officer to re-tell the story.

Rapper, reality star, entrepreneur Jim Jones can now add lifesaver to his resume. The Harlem native and his team were recently down in Florida at a crypto event for his capo coin when his photographer, Jerry Flete, aka Flee Flicks, suddenly collapsed.

Jim then stepped in and saved his life.

Both men chatted with Inside Edition Digital's Stephanie Officer to re-tell the story.

"We was just literally just hanging out on a break from work. Just hanging out," Jerry said. "It just happened so fast. Basically, I woke up, Jim giving me chest compression and telling me, 'Wake up. Wake up.' He basically saved my life. I'm here today because of Jim."

Jim says he was on a phone call when his partner, Doug, screamed his name frantically, which propelled him to turn around to see what was going on.

"I just saw Flee sitting, just going through something that didn't seem good like he was choking," Jim said. "He couldn't breathe, and his eyes was going back in his head, and he was catching a bit of a seizure. I actually didn't know what was going on. Kind of scared me."

"I didn't know what was going on at the moment," Jerry explained. "I guess everything happened so fast. But I had an out-of-body experience. I felt like I was telling myself to come back to myself. Then I just, I guess when I snapped out of it, Jim was giving me chest compressions.

"The first person I woke up to was just Jim. He was holding me. I was sitting down. It happened while I was sitting down, so Jim was over me, hugging over me, I guess giving me chest compressions. That's how I started breathing."

Jim believes something he learned when he was 12 years old saved Jerry's life.

"When I was younger," he said, "I had to take these classes for CPR and all that type of things for my little sister who has a heart condition. They needed the whole family to take these special classes before she came home when she was a baby.

"I think all those classes stuck with me all the way to this day because I remember everything vividly they told me to do in certain situations. I got over there. I just was as frantic and confused as everybody else at first. And then something just jumped in me like, get to it. It gave him life again."

Jim says that this incident has prompted him to take his health more seriously. It's also gotten Jerry in the gym more with Jim. As for workout tips for somebody who might not like working out or might be like Jerry, Jim says just to get moving.

"Movement is medicine," he noted. "The easiest exercise you can do is make sure that you walking and you running a little bit.

"I work out extremely hard so I can eat how I want to eat, but that's not an excuse. I should be eating way better than I do, and I try to eat 50 percent better than I have yesterday. So I'm a work in progress myself."

"Health is wealth," he added. "I encourage everybody to take care of themselves. Take care of you. Take it as if it's a job, and every day you should do something different that's going to help you live longer."

Jerry is grateful for Jim and calls him a hero for saving his life. "if it wasn't for Jim, who knows what would have happened? I probably wouldn't be here today."

But Jim is taking it all in stride. "I'm not a hero," he said. "Batman a superhero, but I'm not a hero."

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