How to Secure Your Storage Unit and Keep Crooks Out

Inside Edition has some tips that can help you protect your stuff from thieves.

For the many Americans who put their belongings into storage locker facilities are all too often having their stuff stolen after the units are broken into by opportunistic thieves. 

Police recently posted a video asking for help tracking down the vandals they believe are responsible for a mind-boggling 155 break-ins at storage units in Dallas, Texas.

In a video taken at a storage unit facility outside San Antonio, a man is seen using bolt cutters to break open a lock and make off with a portable generator.

Kevin McMahon was shocked to find his valuables missing from what he thought was a safe and secure storage unit in downtown Los Angeles.

The production manager says nearly $50,000 worth of equipment and irreplaceable items were stolen.

“My dad was kind of famous musician back in Nebraska,” he told Inside Edition. “He left me his guitars and amp and that was all taken.” 

A week later, McMahon found one of his dad's prized guitars on Craigslist by doing his own detective work.

Kathleen Baty aka “The Safety Chick,” showed Inside Edition how to secure your locker at US Storage Centers.  

As a first line of defense, look for a storage facility that has a gated entry that requires a special access code. The access code should be unique for each tenant, Baty says.

For added security, some units come with individual door alarms.

“If your facility offers it, the silent alarm will send a signal back to the main office that there is a break-in,” she said. 

Also, make sure to use a secure lock.

“Cylinder locks are great because they can’t be broken by bolt cutters,” she said. 

It's possible to insure one's belongings in a storage locker, but you'll probably have to shop around for a policy and most insurers will want an itemized receipt in the event of a claim.