How to Secure Your Umbrella at the Beach

Make sure it's at least 16 inches deep in the sand.

Horrific video shows a toddler getting nearly impaled by a flying umbrella on a famous South Carolina beach, and it's reminding vacationers about the need to stay safe in the sand. 

Ashton Duggan was recording her son, 21-month-old Henry, playing with at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, over the weekend when, out of nowhere, a beach umbrella with a sharp point came flying within inches of him. 

Henry appeared to notice it coming at him and managed to move out of harm's way. 

"Out of nowhere this umbrella just flies and misses him probably by 6 inches. It was terrifying," Duggan told Fox 46. “He was probably about 5 to 6 yards away from me. The beach was pretty empty at the time. When that happened, I didn't know what to do. I think I threw down my phone and said 'Oh my gosh,' and I just ran." 

The lifeguard went over to check on Henry right away. 

She shared video of the situation to raise awareness about how quickly your day at the beach can turn into a nightmare because of a little wind. 

On a windy day it's easy to see how an umbrella that's not properly anchored into the sand can become a deadly weapon.

To anchor the umbrella properly, experts say you should rock it back and forth in the sand until it's at least 16 inches deep. Then, point the umbrella into the wind so that it doesn't catch a gust and fly away.

And if it's a particularly windy day, use your best judgement. Consider leaving the umbrella at home.