Teen Cleans Up Miami Beach While on Spring Break

The teen said he cares about the environment.
Joel Franco/WSVN

A Georgia teen cared more about the environment than having fun on spring break in Florida and decided to clean up the beach while on vacation. 

Joshua Caraway, 19, was visiting Miami Beach from Georgia with friends when he put his beach day on hold to start picking up trash.

“What made me clean up was my love for the environment and animals, I didn’t want all the trash to flow into the oceans because that’s already a huge problem,” Caraway told InsideEdition.com. “Most people who are there aren’t from Miami Beach so I wanted to help knowing that as well.” 

Caraway said he was cleaning the beach, equipped with gloves and a trash bag, for more than 30 minutes. He asked his friends if they wanted to join him, but they declined, he said.

A police officer even stopped to thank him for his effort.

“He gave me some encouraging words and he was such a cool person,” Caraway said. 


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