Record-Breaking Teen Powerlifter Calls 850-Pound Squat 'Just Another Lift'

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This Texas teen may have just broken a state record after squatting 850 pounds but for him "it’s just another lift."

Clifford “Quad” Chambers, of Rudder High School in Bryan became the new state record holder after lifting 850 pounds at a state powerlifting meet last weekend.

“It’s kind of just what I do,” he told KBTX. “I look at 850 as I will look at 800. I had that same mindset. It’s just another lift. That’s how I went into the situation.”

Chambers explained that he began powerlifting when he was just a freshman.

“We were in here working out, maxing out, and found out I could squat 500 so that’s how it all started,” Chambers explained.

Ever since then, he said he’s been pushing his limit and challenging himself to get stronger and stronger.

“Because I’m good at it,” Chambers said. “It’s a blessing. Not everyone has this kind of strength so it’s rare you can find people that can squat 850, so it’s a blessing. I see it as God gave me this talent so why not use it?”

While his coach said it’s always inspiring to watch Chambers lift, he hopes Chamber’s talent will inspire other students to foster their talents.

“[He] probably had 40 kids in here watching,” his coach said. “Anytime we can get kids in the weight room and excited about lifting, that’s important for us."


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