Frank Shamrock Says He Called 'Every No-Kill Shelter' Before Leaving Dog in Parking Garage

The UFC champ apologizes after leaving his mother's dog alone in a parking garage, saying that no shelter or adoption center wanted her.

A dog was found abandoned inside a Dallas airport parking garage over the weekend and is said to be owned by the mother of a former UFC champ. 

Zelda, a 7-year-old brown Lab, was left tethered to the rear of a pickup truck for five days before she was rescued, according to reports. 

Frank Shamrock, a former UFC champ, admits he left the dog alone but says he tried to find a home for Zelda before catching his flight from Dallas to San Jose.

"Please help! Anyone in Dallas, Texas that can help with this dog? My mom has to give her dogs away as she can't care for them anymore,” he posted on social media. 

He says he called "every no kill every shelter within 200 miles to see if someone would take her. We stopped at adoption centers...sadly no one wanted Zelda."

Shamrock says he became desperate and chose to leave Zelda with bowls of food and water. He says he also left his contact information and immediately alerted security of Zelda’s location.

Many animal lovers are outraged.  

"Beyond disgusting!" was one comment on social media

"Cry me a river, there's no excuse for what you did!” was another comment. 

Zelda is now at the SPCA of Texas and doing well.

In a statement to WFAA, Shamrock said of the incident, “This is an unfortunate and terrible thing and you know I’m an animal lover."