10-Year-Old Boy's Giant Baby Tooth Breaks Guinness World Record

An Ohio's boy massive baby tooth broke the Guinness world record.
Curtis Buddie and dentist Scott Bossert. Guinness World Records

A 10-year-old boy from Ohio with a really big baby tooth has broken the Guinness World Record books.

Curtis Buddie went to Dr. Scott Bossert at The Gentle Dentist in Columbus to have the nearly inch-long tooth removed. Bossert measured the baby tooth after extracting it and found it was a whopping .94 inches long.

The previous record was .78 inches.

Curtis' mom says the record-breaking tooth made her son very happy.

"Curt is in the fifth grade, and this is about the most exciting thing that has happened all year for him and his classmates," said Jessica Buddie. "To say this has been an exciting event for Curt and our family would be an understatement."


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