71-Year-Old Holds Plank for Nearly 40 Minutes, Breaks World Record

The 71-year-old broke the record in his age group.
Sabes Jewish Community Center

A 71-year-old man broke a planking record. 

Andy Steinfeldt of Minnesota held a plank position for nearly 40 minutes at Sabes Jewish Community Center, smashing a Guinness World Record for his age group this week.

“Andy stayed in the plank position for an impressive 38 minutes — surrounded by family, friends and a cheering crowd. Mazel tov, Andy!” the center wrote on their Facebook page.

The previous record was 36 minutes and 58 seconds. 

"There was a clock in front of me, so it was easy to determine the moment. My audience also let out a big cheer. I continued for an extra minute just to be certain," Steinfeldt told InsideEdition of the moment he beat the record.

Steinfeldt also said he had no idea he could compete at that level until a few years ago when he had a fitness test at a club that he'd joined and surpassed the time limit for a plank by far. He said before then he wasn't even sure what a plank was. 

Now he's clearly a pro, however. 

That isn’t the only thing Steinfeldt is challenging lately; he recently finished 38 treatments for prostate cancer as well.


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