How CBD Oil Helped This Elderly German Shepherd Walk Again

Annie, the 9-year-old German shepherd-Malinois mix, has hip dysplasia and arthritis and takes CBD oil twice daily to treat her conditions.

Some humans use medical marijuana, some dogs use CBD oil.

Annie, a 9-year-old German shepherd-Malinois mix, takes three droppers of CBD oil in the morning, and three at night in addition to her other supplements.

“We started this whole process and it seems like she’s doing better overall,” her owner, Tammy Silverman, 41, of Boca Raton, Florida, told “I see it in how she moves that it’s really working.”

During a routine checkup at the veterinarian, the family discovered Annie was suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia. She was also sedated for the visit, and after the anesthesia wore off, Silverman said the once-active pup didn’t seem to move the same way anymore.

“She wasn’t able to get her hind legs up,” Silverman explained. “She wasn’t able to walk. She would give out a lot. She wasn’t able to jump or get up on the bed or the couch.

“I took her for a walk and her legs dragged so bad it scraped her nails, and her nails were bleeding,” she continued.

A veterinary neurologist said the symptoms may be due to herniated discs on Annie’s back and suggested a series of surgeries to correct it.

“I didn’t want to put her through that,” Silverman explained. “Considering that she’s 10 years old and the lifespan of a shepherd is 10 to 12 years old."

Silverman then began researching holistic treatments, and came across Prana Pets’ CBD oil.

“I’ve heard so many positive things about CBD oil that I would be willing to do anything,” Silverman said. “I mean why not?”

Brad Soloman, the co-owner of Prana Pets and CBD expert, told, "What the CBD oil does is it lubricates the joints and acts as an all natural anti-inflamatory. It takes a lot of the pain away from the dog when she's trying to stand up and gives her more mobility again in general."

Soloman explained he also gets a lot of pet owners treating anxiety or seizures in their dogs purchasing their product.

Silverman said she slowly began mixing the CBD oil and other supplements in Annie’s food, and eventually reached a dosage that worked for her pup.

“I think the CBD is helping for her pain but specifically for the arthritis and maybe the herniated discs,” Silverman explained. “She’s not dragging her feet as much. She just seems better overall.”