Mom Crochets Slimer, E.T. and Predator Halloween Costumes for Young Sons

Cleveland mom Stephanie Pokorny doesn't use a pattern when crocheting her kids' costumes.

Who knew E.T. could be so cute and cuddly?

Not only did Cleveland mom Stephanie Pokorny design her sons’ unique Halloween costumes, she hand-crocheted the masterpieces, stitch by stitch.

“My goal is to almost make it look like I’m transforming my child into the character completely,” Pokorny told “As opposed to him just putting on a costume, my goal is to make it almost like he is one with it.”

While this year, her 3-year-old son Jack will dress as Slimer from "Ghost Busters," she has also outfitted her boys as E.T., Papa Smurf, a garden gnome, Predator, the caterpillar from "Alice in Wonderland" and Harry Potter.

She explained her dedication comes from “a love of nurturing imagination and a fun approach to life and having that with my children and allowing them to know that they can have fun.”

Instead of following instructions or using a pattern, Pokorny explained she crochets her creations freehand.

“I start with whatever my children request and then I take to yarn and hook and I build from the floor up,” she explained. “I do the body first and then I always save the face for last because I feel like that’s when the piece really comes to life, especially the eyes.”

Each costume weighs only a few pounds – about as heavy as a sweater – and uses up about 2,000 yards of yarn. They can take anywhere from 25 to 40 hours to make.

“My inspiration probably started out when I was a little kid and my mom made costumes for me,” she said. “When I was very young, she made me a Rapunzel [costume] with a real long braid made out of yarn.

"That was probably about the second grade, and I still remember that.”