Curious Gorillas Inspect Pumpkins Carved to Look Like President Trump

Trick or Treat and Trump. Halloween came just a tad bit early this year for some gorillas, squirrels, monkeys and giraffes.

Trick or Treat — or Trump.

Halloween came a little early this year for some gorillas, squirrel monkeys and giraffes.

Workers at the London Zoo decorated enclosures with jack-o'-lanterns and other pumpkins. One was even carved to look like President Trump. The gorillas curiously examined each one, then found out there was a special treat inside.

"The gorillas have got pumpkins to enjoy. Now, obviously [they are] not part of that standard [gorilla] diet so the pumpkins are actually hollowed out and we put some much healthier treats inside ... encouraging them to go over and have a look," said Daniel Simmonds, the head of primates at the zoo.

Simmonds added the staff likes to monkey around so the zoo animals can also enjoy the holiday.