Mom Dresses Up Twin Babies in Adorable, Themed Halloween Costumes

Lauren Mancke says she loves making the unique creations.

A South Carolina mom is pulling out all the stops with her twin babies in honor of Halloween.

Lauren Mancke, a designer from Columbia, takes hours to design costumes for her 1-year-old twins, Lera and Marigold, each day for the month of October. She also includes her son Fox, 4, on the fun.

Her costumes include everything from "rock, paper and scissors" to the twins dressed as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” characters.

“Depending on how elaborate, some are quick and some take a little bit longer,” Mancke said. 

The mom buys her supplies at the dollar store and has adorable photo shoots once she’s done with her creations.

Last year, she came up with ideas inspired by "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Bob’s Burgers."

Mancke has always loved designing, and as a child, she even designed her own costumes. 

“We've really enjoyed dressing up every day until Halloween," Mancke said. "It combines my love of crafting with my kids' love of dressing up and it's brought a lot of joy to everyone around the country, which is a blast for us."