How Social Media Influencers Are Used for Advertising

Olivia Jade had a huge following and was raking in the cash, before parents Lori Loughlin was accused in the college admissions scandal.

A new type of advertising is on the rise: the social media influencer.

Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade was raking in the cash as an influencer before her parents were accused in the college admissions scandal, but other influencers are still living top lifestyles due to their popularity online. (Her parents have pleaded not guilty.)

Josy Lentner, a social media influencer who attends the University of Arizona, has gotten tons of free merchandise from companies wanting to promote their brands on Instagram. Lentner has 23,000 followers.

What kinds of posts does she like to make?

Bikini pics always, they also get more likes, and just me having fun at college. People love to see that,” Lentner said. 

Jorji Gardiner, another influencer who is at New York University, said she has been given many products to promote as well, including a $500 leather bag.

“I was really happy when they were able to send it over. Try it out, test it out, see how it works and tell people about it,” Gardiner said of the bag.

Olivia Jade has more than 1 million followers on social media, and that kind of popularity can change someone’s life.

Some influencers are making well over $1 million.

Mae Karwowski, a founder of influencer marketing company Obviously, said not only do influencers get free products, but they also receive a host of other things as well.

“You can … go on trips, get invited to events and you can definitely get paid as well,” Karwowski said.