College Graduate Walks at Commencement With Mom, Who Regretted Missing Her Own Graduation

Southern New Hampshire University graduate Jessie Rogers surprised her mom with the last minute change of plans on Mother's Day.

A Southern New Hampshire University graduate surprised her mom by inviting her to join her on her walk across the stage in cap and gown after regretting not walking in her own graduation years ago.

Jessie Rogers of Billerica, Massachusetts, accepted her diploma and high-fived her mom, who was next to receive her own diploma from the university president in their joint graduation held on Mother’s Day.

“I'm feeling overwhelmed, elated shocked,” mom Kathleen Rogers said, according to the school. “I kept telling her that you never get the chance to do it again because she was hesitant about doing it. And now she's giving me this second chance.”

Kathleen also graduated from SNMU in 2017 but chose not to attend her own commencement ceremony.

She ended up regretting it, and when it became time for Jessie to receive her diploma, she decided to include her mom in the big day.

“To hear that she regretted not walking at her graduation was tough, so if I got that chance, I would want her to get that chance as well,” Jessie said. “It’s special for me because my education wouldn't be possible without her, so for it to start and end with her is really important.”

Jessie announced to her mom that she would be joining her onstage earlier that very same morning, and the university president had a cap and gown prepared for the unexpected graduate moments after Jessie revealed the big news.

“Thank you so much for making this happen for me,” Kathleen told her daughter. “Because I didn't think I was going to be able to do it.”