Teen Organizes Sky-High Promposal for Girlfriend

Jett Haifley took his girlfriend up in a plane to ask her to the big dance.

This promposal swept a Michigan teen off her feet — and into the sky.

Jett Haifley asked his girlfriend, Kelsey Barrett, to go one a quick plane ride one evening. But he had more he wanted to ask her.

While Jett's dad piloted the small plane, his mom and sister were on the ground arranging 15 bags of flour to spell "Prom?"

"We tried to set it up where she didn't see it until the last minute," Jett told Inside Edition.

And when she did see the big invitation? A priceless reaction.

Jett recorded the moment Kelsey realized what was going on, and she gave her answer with a happy thumbs-up.

"I was surprised. I didn't think he was going to ask me in such an extravagant way, so it was nice," Kelsey said.

But Kelsey wasn't the only one impressed. Jett said his stunt was the talk of the school.

As for the prom night, it was one to remember.