Are These the Craziest Promposals Ever?

From dancing to enchanting lights, these promposals are nothing short of extravagant.

As prom season sweeps across America, it's once again time that the wildest promposals dominate the internet. 

In a promposal from 2015, a group of students were seen wheeling a friend around in a wheelchair while screaming that they needed help. 

Eventually, the "victim" was lifted onto a table, where Nolan Molt, clad in a diaper, emerged from under the blanket clutching a sign that read: “I Was Born to Go to Prom With You."

"She knew I was gonna ask her to the prom — she just didn't know how,” Molt confessed to Inside Edition. "Luckily she said yes, so it wouldn't be more embarrassing to me."

At another school, Georgia student Aiden Gallagher of Fayetteville wanted his recent promposal to be a bit more romantic.

"I want to make something crazy that she could remember the rest of her life,” he told Inside Edition. 

He decorated the woods to create an enchanted forest and put lights around the trees. When nightfall came, he switched on the lights and did his promposal. 

His date said yes and began crying tears of joy. 

In 2016, North Torrance High School student John Baik performed a whole song and dance number for his promposal. 

On the steps of his California high school, he and several classmates danced with their umbrellas before eventually opening them to spell out “PROM?” 

Of course, his date said yes.