Teen Dons Patriotic Prom Dress to Honor 25 Fallen Soldiers

Aubrey Headon, who attends Rochelle Township High School in Illlinois, worked on her custom-made dress for two years.

One teen decided to honor fallen soldiers with her prom dress

Aubrey Headon, who attends Rochelle Township High School in Illinois, worked for two years on her custom-made dress.

Red, white and blue streamers hung from the patriotic dress, and written on them were the names of 25 Marines who were killed in Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011.

Headon wanted to honor the members of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines — known as as 3/5, or Darkhorse. 

“I wanted to wear this tribute dress [to] my senior prom so the memories of the guys who fell in Afghanistan for our right to live how we do and do what we do every day is carried on,” Headon told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I don’t want them to fade into nothing.”

The teen told the site that she was inspired to make the dress after meeting the mom of one of the fallen men.

Headon posted the dress to social media, where she received a lot of praise. 

“That is such a wonderful thing to do, pay tribute to those heroes that are gone,” on Facebook user wrote. 

Another commented, “Thank you for paying tribute to these brave men.”