How This Giant Chocolate Helicopter Is Helping Keep English Air Ambulance Service in Operation

The creative dessert took an entire weekend to build and weighs over 260 pounds. The goal is for it to draw attention and raise funds for the local air ambulance service.

It can’t fly, but it looks delicious. Jan Hansen, a candy-maker in England, is getting attention for his latest chocolate creation.

The chocolatier created a massive chocolate helicopter. It measures over 7-feet tall and 9-feet long and weighs over 260 pounds. For reference, that’s equivalent to over 1,000 normal bars of chocolate.

The choco-copter took Jan Hansen an entire weekend to build. The creation aims to bring people in and raise funds for the local air ambulance service.

Reportedly, the Air Ambulance made over 1,000 calls last year. They receive no direct government funding and rely on charitable giving to stay in operation. And unfortunately, they lost a lot of income over the last year.

Hansen hopes that his sweet solution will pay off.  Guests who want to visit the helicopter can find it parked in the back of the shop in an air-conditioned area, so, of course, it doesn’t melt.