How to Make the #1 Most-Searched Recipe During the Coronavirus Lockdown: Banana Bread

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People living under social isolation during the coronavirus pandemic apparently can't get enough of banana bread — it's the number one searched recipe in lockdown, beating favorites like pancakes, brownies and pizza.

"Pinterest actually had over 2 million hits for banana bread in the first week of the pandemic," said baker Chris Tucker

Tucker showed Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero how to make the quarantine staple, which first became popular during the Great Depression due to its cheap and plentiful ingredients and simple recipe instructions.

Plus, the ingredients — eggs, oil, baking soda, sugar, brown sugar, flour, salt and bananas — are likely already in your pantry.

"When you're thinking about just throwing together a loaf of banana bread you can essentially do it in one bowl," Tucker said. "Have it together in 5 mins and then pop it in the oven. It's really hard to mess it up as long as you cook it all the way through."


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