How to Trick Your Dog Into Wearing Snow Boots

Inside Edition caught up with an expert, who showed us how to distract your pup while wedging their paws into boots.

A common problem some dog owners face is getting their beloved pet into booties. 

Dogs all make the same clumsy motion with their legs when their paws are shoved into booties. Big or small, the pups walk around awkwardly.

Inside Edition spoke to dog trainer Shelby Semel, who brought along her dog to describe why putting booties on the animal can make walking difficult.

"It must just be a very weird, new concept for them to have something attached to these poor paws that are used to being so free,” Semel said.

But when temperatures drop, it's vital to protect your pup's paws. Semel recommends taking it “slow and steady” in order to prepare your dog for the oddity of wearing the booties.

“It doesn't have to be all four booties on for an hour the first time you put them on, you can simply put them on, take them off,” she said.

Semel added that you should prepare the dog before winter arrives by having them wear the booties around to get used to them.

Even for someone as experienced as Semel, it can be hard to get the shoes on a dog. 

She said she uses treats to keep her dog distracted so he doesn't focus on the shoes.

Once her dog goes outside, it is business as usual. “He's just so excited by everything going on outside that he's not thinking about the boots,” she said.