How Was a Man Crushed to Death by a Falling Elevator?

Residents say the New York City building has a history of problems.

A 30-year-old man was killed in an elevator accident in a luxury Manhattan high-rise Thursday morning. 

Sam Waisbren's death is sending chills down the spine of people using elevators in offices and apartment buildings across America.    

As he stepped off the elevator into the lobby, half in and half out, the elevator car suddenly dropped like stone to the basement with the doors still open. Disturbing surveillance video shows him falling, struggling to get out. The moving elevator crushed him to death.

Waisbren is from Milwaukee and had come to New York hoping to make a fortune in computer software. His family has told reporters they are "devastated." 

Apartments in the 23-story building rent for $5,000 a month. Residents say there's a history of problems with the elevators. 

Inside Edition attempted to speak to workers in the building, but was denied access and told to "ask permission first and ask nice." 

Elevator expert Patrick Carrajat spoke to Inside Edition about the accident. 

"We have a case that is so rare that after 60 years in the elevator industry, I can only think of two or three accidents that have occurred," he said. 

The accident is similar to another tragedy. Advertising executive Suzanne Hart was stepping off an elevator in a Manhattan office building in 2011 when it suddenly shot up a floor, crushing her.