How Words With Friends Helped Save 90-Year-Old Woman's Life

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The family of a 90-year-old woman is crediting Words With Friends with saving her life.

Miyoko Saiki, of Northern California, has been playing the addictive word game app, which is similar to Scrabble, with her children, Diane and Ken, for a few years.

"It keeps my mind from being shot," Saiki told

"I am!" she said when asked who's the best player.

She plays her son before he goes to work at about 7 a.m., but one day in January, when he played the first move for their usual early-morning game, he didn't get a response.

When he checked in again at noon, his mother had still not placed her tiles. When he called her, there was no response.

"I must have passed out," Saiki said.

Ken, who does not live near his mother, called his sister, who was two hours away.

"She came running down here," Saiki said. "It takes two hours to get here and she found me sitting on the floor."

Luckily, she was in her bedroom when she passed out so she'd landed on the bed and slipped to the ground.

"I don't remember a thing," she said.

Diane took her to hospital where doctors said she was dehydrated and had pneumonia.

Since the incident, Saiki has moved in with her daughter and is looking forward to celebrating her 91st birthday in a couple of weeks.

And now, rather than playing Words With Friends hours apart from each other, they play while sitting at the same table.

"I hope I can keep on playing," she said.


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