Hulking 4-Foot Pet Alligator Named 'Arnold' Seized From New York Home

He won't be back.

He may be named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, but this gator won't be back.

'Arnold,' a 4-foot-long American alligator, was reportedly seized from a New York home after cops say they found it was being kept there illegally.

Police in Suffolk County contacted the SPCA and Department of Environmental Conservation after they discovered the big-boned guy in a Ronkonkoma, Long Island home. 

Far from their native swamplands down south, it is illegal to keep alligators as pets in the state of New York.

“Alligators do not make good pets and are illegal to own without a license,” Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross said in a statement.

The homeowners were charged with illegal possession of the animal, according to CBS New York.

The alligator was taken to a wildlife sanctuary out of state.