Hundreds of 'Dragon Ball' Fans Break Record for World's Largest Kamehameha

Kamehameha is the signature attack move from the anime series.

Not only was there already a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest Kamehameha, but these "Dragon Ball" fans just broke it at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

Nearly 800 fans gathered at the Marriott Marina to chant the words “Kamehameha” while stretching their arms to the sky in an event led by Sean Schemmel, the English voice actor of Goku in the series.

The gesture is meant to emulate an attack move popular in the "Dragon Ball" series.

“A moment captured forever in history,” Toei Animation, the studio behind "Dragon Ball," wrote on Twitter, confirming that 786 people were behind the efforts witnessed by a Guinness World Record judge.

The "Dragon Ball" franchise began in the 1980s as a manga originating from Japan and continues to find worldwide success today.

The previous world record had a reported 250 people coming together to do the Kamehameha.