Hurricane Florence: Important Dos and Don'ts to Remember During Monster Storm

It's important not to come into contact with the water, as it may contain dangerous bacteria and parasites.

As Hurricane Florence rages in the Carolinas, Inside Edition has a few tips on what to do and what not to do when stuck in a storm

Floodwaters present real danger as they inundate the Carolinas, turning into a toxic mixture that may involve raw sewage, chemicals, bacteria and parasites.

Do not come in contact with water if you can help it. Even a minor cut could lead to a life-threatening disease, Dr. Armand Dorian told Inside Edition.

"In a water environment for a long period of time, your skin starts breaking down," he said. "And if you have cuts, the chance of getting an infection is very high."

Snakes are another reason to be wary of the water, especially the poisonous Cottonmouth, which is native to the Carolinas. They must be avoided at all costs.

If you find yourself trapped in a house with rising water levels, go to the highest point, the Red Cross said.

If you find yourself on the road, under no circumstance should you drive through a flooded street or highway. It may look like a shallow puddle, but it could be much worse.

It might be best to look for another route if you see water on the highway to avoid getting trapped, according to the Red Cross.

If you find yourself trapped in a car and in a life or death situation, experts recommend rolling down the windows and swimming out before the situation gets worse. Otherwise, water pressure could trap you inside. 

It's also important not to go barefoot on a flooded street, as there could be sharp objects lurking.