Hurricane Florence: What to Do in the Event of a Blackout

Hurricane Florence is set to wallop the Carolinas Friday.

Residents of Wilmington, North Carolina, are making last-minute preparations ahead of Hurricane Florence's arrival.

Floods have already begun in some areas, and Florence is predicted to leave as many as three million people without power.

To keep your food fresh during a power outage, one helpful tip is to remember to keep the refrigerator set to 35 degrees before the storm hits. Once the power goes out, food should be safe for about four hours. 

Experts advise putting dairy in the freezer to keep it from spoiling. In fact, pack the freezer with as many items as you can. 

In North Carolina, one hotel has been evacuated and the outdoor furniture is being stored at the bottom of a pool. 

Inside Edition found people in line buying ice and running out of patience. 

“Everybody's been waiting in line for two hours!” one customer told a store employee at a store.  

“I'm sorry sir; I’m doing the best I can!" the employee replied. "I worked 14 hours yesterday."