Hurricane Florence Survival Guide: How to Stay Safe as Dangerous Storm Nears the Carolinas

Make sure you follow these important tips.

There has been a mass exodus on the East Coast as tens of thousands flee their homes while Hurricane Florence looms over the Carolinas.

As the massive storm is predicted to wallop the area, there are ways to alleviate the stress of an approaching hurricane and be prepared.
Before the power goes out, fill your washing machine with ice. Pack drinks and food you want to keep chilled and shut the lid. The ice will melt and drain, but the food will stay cold for a while. 

You can also light up the room after losing power by wrapping a camping headlamp around a bottle of water. 

If the power goes out, you can charge your phone with the help of a car jump starter.

If you have to evacuate, there are essential supplies that you should have in your car when you hit the road like food, external cellphone charger, a number of light sources, first aid kits and water. 

You should have at least a gallon of water per person per day. 

In North Carolina's Wrightsville Beach, Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian was told to leave his hotel, which is shutting down due to the storm. 

“In fact, this entire area is under a mandatory evacuation order," he said. "Everybody must leave by 8 p.m. tonight. Even the landscaping is being dug up and taken out of harm’s way."

With understandable worry about the impending storm, chaos has erupted at a local Walmart as shoppers scrambled for essential supplies.

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is in Wrightsville, which may be a bad sign.

"When Jim Cantore is in town, that means you got to get out of town," Fabian said.

“Especially in this case because this is not going to be a safe place," Cantore added. "Where we are standing and what you see around you, it's all going to be underwater. It’s going to be a historic storm."

Incredibly, Fabian found a mother and daughter who are determined to enjoy the last days of their vacation despite Florence barreling towards them. They went to the beach Wednesday, adding they are "going to have fun."