Hurricane Florence: The Weather Channel Unveils Unique Graphic to Show Dangerous Reality of Storm

The graphic has received quite the response on social media.

The Weather Channel is a lightning rod for attention after debuting eye-popping graphics that vividly illustrate the danger of storm surge.

Their graphics look like something out of a video game, featuring a reporter in the center of a screen and water towering overhead to show how high the water can get. 

They even added digital fish and fake cars floating by to showcase the devastation Hurricane Florence has the capacity to leave behind. 

Viewers love what they are seeing. 

“Best visual I’ve ever seen!” read one social media comment.

“A clear, frightening way to show how dangerous this situation is!" another user posted.

It's called immersive mixed-reality technology. 

"We are taking the best technology out there that is used to create these high-end video games and using it for broadcast and storytelling," Mike Chesterfield of The Weather Channel told Inside Edition. 

The Weather Channel also uses the technology for other extreme weather events including a 3D visualization of a tornado.