Hurricane Florence: North Carolina Gas Station Ripped Apart by Powerful Winds as Storm Stalls

The strong storm made landfall Friday morning in North Carolina.

Terrifying video has captured Hurricane Florence's powerful winds shredding a gas station in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

The footage, captured Friday, shows the Coastal Fuels station being ripped apart as gusts blast the structure.

Florence made landfall on Friday morning as a Category 1 hurricane, just east of Wilmington. The storm is expected to stall in the area, relentlessly pounding the region with wind and rain.

Devastating flooding has already affected the area, with storm surge reaching up to 10 feet, officials said. 

People are stranded on their roofs, with about 200 residents in New Bern having to be rescued so far as the storm roared ashore.

"In a matter of seconds, my house was flooded up to the waist, and now it is to the chest," Peggy Perry, who lives in the riverfront city, told CNN. "We are stuck in the attic."