Husband and Wife Murder Suspects Escape Custody While Being Extradited to Arizona

Two fugitives are on the lam after escaping custody while being extradited.
Susan and Blane Barksdale are believed to be armed and dangerous, authorities said. Handout

The couple, who were arrested in New York and were being taken to Arizona, are now on the lam.

An Arizona couple wanted for murder were able to overpower security guards in Utah and escape while being extradited to stand trial in Tucson, authorities said.

Blane and Susan Barksdale are now on the lam and are considered armed and highly dangerous, police said.

They were being transported from New York to Arizona by a private security company when they managed to escape in southern Utah near the Four Corners region, according to a statement from Tucson police.

The couple have been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, arson, felony criminal damage and auto theft.

They are wanted in connection with the death of Frank Bligh, 72, whose home was burned down in April. His missing car was later found by police, who determined from evidence found inside the vehicle that Bligh had been killed. 

He was last seen one week before the fire at a Tucson bar.

Blane, 56, and Susan, 59, should not be approached, police said. Rather, authorities advised to call 911 if they see the fugitives.

The Barksdales were last seen in a GMC Sierra pickup with Arizona plate number 127XTY. The passenger side and the rear bumper are damaged, authorities said.