'I Took Pictures and I Told My Friends': 911 Audio Released of Boy, 13, Reporting He Killed Mom: Cops

Mom Stabbed to Death By 13-Year-Old Son
Irina Garcia, 39, was stabbed to death earlier this month, police said.Facebook

Chilling 911 audio released of 13-year-old boy telling a Florida dispatcher, "She's dead, Miss," after reporting he had killed his mother, who had given birth two weeks before, according to police.

A chillingly calm 911 call made by a 13-year-old boy has been released by Florida police. In it, the son tells a dispatcher he has stabbed his mother in the neck, according to the tape.

"She's dead, Miss," the caller says.

The teen boy has charged with second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing to death his mother as she slept next to the crib of her newborn daughter, who was unharmed, according to the Hialeah Police Department.

Investigators released the heavily redacted 911 audio on Tuesday. 

Dispatcher: "I need to know if your mom is breathing."

Boy: "She's dead, Miss."

Dispatcher: "OK, and why did you do that?"

Boy: "There’s blood all over the floor."

After the Oct. 12 killing, police said they were "dumbfounded" by the violence allegedly delivered at the hands of a 13-year-old, who was an honors student and was described by neighbors as a "good kid."

Hialeah Police Department spokesman Eddie Rodriguez told local journalists they had no idea why the mother was killed.

"We don't know, that's something that we're still trying to figure out," Rodriguez said. "He did not say why he did this, all he did was call 911 and advise what he did."

The boy was "very quiet, very respectful" to responding officers, Rodriguez said.

At one point in the audio, the caller said he took photos of the body and sent them to someone he knew.

Boy: "Miss?"

Dispatcher: "Yes."

Boy: "I took pictures and I told my friends about it. Was that bad?"

Dispatcher: "You told who about it?"

Boy: "My friend."

Dispatcher: "Your friend? You sent pictures to your friend about what you did?"

Boy: "Yeah."

On the tape, the dispatcher is heard telling the caller to stay on the phone while she summons police. 

He is asked if his 2-week-old sister is injured.

"No, I did not touch her, I didn't want to touch my sister," the caller replies.

The dispatcher also asks if the caller has weapons. He responds that he has a knife, and his stepfather's gun. The operator tells him to place them away from himself and in a place where officers can clearly see them.

The caller says his stepfather is calling his mother's phone, and trying to call him.

"I'm really sad, I'm really sad," the caller says. Police said the boy's stepfather is a long-haul truck driver who was on the road at the time. The mother, the boy and the infant were the only occupants of the family's apartment, authorities said.

As police approach the apartment, the caller asks, "Miss, are they going to kill me?"

"No, we're here to help you, we're gonna help your family," the dispatcher answers.

The boy is now in juvenile custody and has made an initial court appearance. Because of his age, his court records are not public. He is scheduled to make another appearance before a judge next month, according to local reports.

Inside Edition Digital reached out to the prosecutor's office, but has not heard back.

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