Ice From Airplane Crashes Through Home's Roof as Couple Watches TV

They heard a "horrendous boom."

A California couple got a major scare when they say a "horrendous boom" rang out in their home as they sat watching TV on Sunday.

All the more shocking is what Claudell Curry, 82, and his wife, Odell Marie Curry, 83, think the culprit was a block of ice.

Specifically, the Currys believe the bowling ball-sized chunk of ice that sent debris flying across their bedroom and a pile of insulation on their bed fell from an airplane passing overhead.

Claudell said he called police after the jarring incident but they weren't a lot of help. "They thought I was out of my mind,” Curry told The Sun in San Bernardino.

Luckily, Curry said the ice was clear. Had it been blue, experts say it would have been from the plane's lavatory.

And, thankfully, no one was injured. But the couple has been left wondering whether they are safe in their own bedroom.

"The wife is still nervous," he said.