ICU Nurse Pickets California Restaurant Whose Owner Bans Vaccinated, Masked Patrons

“That is a recipe for death,” the nurse said of the restaurant. The owner spoke to Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero.

A California restaurant owner is making headlines for banning vaccinated patrons from his establishment. “Proof of being unvaccinated required,” a sign says outside Basilico's Pasta e Vino in Huntington Beach.

Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero spoke to owner Tony Roman, who appeared on CNN Wednesday night on “Chris Cuomo Live.” 

“Honestly, you sound like an idiot, so there’s not much to say,” Cuomo said to Roman.

“Aren't you putting your customers at risk by saying that, ‘In my restaurant, you don't wear masks and you cannot be vaccinated?’" Guerrero asked Roman outside his restaurant.

“We have had tens of thousands of healthy, happy customers. We haven't had any contact tracing back to us, and it's been a great experience,” Roman said.

The restaurant is being picketed by ICU nurse Jessey Cutter.

“That is a recipe for death,” Cutter told Inside Edition. 

Roman wasn’t happy to see him.

“Bolt. Out. Bolt, step away,” Roman said to Cutter during our interview.

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