Idaho Animal Sanctuary Looking for People to Spend Time With Their Cows, Pigs, Chickens and Horses

Dominifarm Animal Sanctuaryhandout

The hope is that by having people spend quality time with the animals, which had been apparently abandoned before being brought to the sanctuary, they will receive much-needed socialization.

An animal sanctuary in Idaho is looking for helpers to make their animals feel loved.

Dominifarm Animal Sanctuary in Kuna helps abandoned farm animals like cows, pigs, chickens and horses. They’re hoping the volunteers will help the animals socialize.

“Does loving these sweet little faces seem like a good time? Then we have some GREAT news for you!,” the sanctuary wrote on their Facebook page.

“We need volunteers to come play with them, brush them, feed them treats and give them belly rubs. Even just talking to our pig friends helps socialize them."

The sanctuary is hoping some of the animals may be able to be adopted, but also remain aware of how much work goes into caring for farm animals.

"I want to grow the sanctuary in order to help more animals and to encourage people to make more informed decisions about whether they want to adopt them," Dominique Delobbe, president and operator of Dominifarm, told KBOI. "I want people to understand that adopting farm animals is a lifelong commitment."

People can also donate to the organization if they are not up for volunteering.

"My vision is a world where farm animals are treated with the same love and respect as household pets," Delobbe said.

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