Idaho College Murders: Police Investigating White Car Found Abandoned in Oregon

Authorities in Eugene tell Inside Edition that police discovered the vehicle over the weekend after receiving a call about an individual sleeping in the abandoned car.

The Moscow Police Department is looking into a vehicle matching the description of one seen near the home where four University of Idaho students were found murdered in their beds last month.

"Investigators are aware of a Hyundai Elantra located in Eugene, Oregon," reads a statement posted on the Moscow Police Department's Facebook page on Tuesday. "We are working with the local jurisdiction to determine if the vehicle is related to our case."

Authorities in Eugene tell Inside Edition that police discovered the vehicle over the weekend after receiving a call about an individual sleeping in the abandoned car. That person is not believed to have any connection to the car according to authorities, who also reoport that the license plates were no longer attached to the vehicle.

Eugene is a 460-mile drive from the town of Moscow.

That same statement offers a few other updates on the status of the ongoing investigation.

"Investigators continue processing and working through more than 7,650 emailed tips, 4,313 phone tips, 4,583 digital media submissions, and have conducted over 250 interviews," reads the statement.

Police also note that they have spoken with the individual referenced in a conversation between victims Kaylee Gonclaves and Madison Mogen on the night of the murders.

"Investigators have identified an individual called 'Adam' in the video and he is cooperating with detectives," police note.

The statement also says that the investigation has yet to turn up a suspect in the murders.

The massive car hunt began last week after a mystery vehicle was spotted near the home where the four college students were gruesomely murdered.

Moscow Police Capt. Roger Lanier said at a press conference on Friday that his team would be combing through the registrations of 22,000 cars in the state that match the description of the vehicle, which is believed to be a white 2011-2013 Hyundai Elantra.

Police are hoping the search will help them identify the possible driver and any passengers that might have been in the vehicle that night.

Capt. Lanier is also asking the public to reach out if they know anyone who owns a vehicle matching this description.

These efforts are underway just days after a night manager at a local gas station discovered video of a car that fits the police description.

The night manager, who works at a gas station just over a mile from the victims' home, made the discovery after checking the surveillance footage. The car is seen driving by the gas station at 3:45 a.m, which is around the time police believe the murders took place.

Anyone with tips should call Moscow Police or email at


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