Idaho Police Department Collects $20,000 Worth of Toys for Hospitalized Kids

An Idaho police department collected $20,000 worth of toys for kids.
Coeur d'Alene Police Department

This is their third year doing the call for donations and the most successful one yet.

An Idaho police department brought joy to the faces of hundreds of children after collecting $20,000 worth of toys for two children’s hospitals. 

It was the third year that officers of the Coeur d’Alene Police department stood outside Walmart with a list of what staff at Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital in Washington State and Kootenai Health needed for the children.

The donations began pouring in.

“We were just shocked and amazed about the amount of shopping carts that were overflowing and the amount of cash that came,” Det. Mario Rios told “There were 38 carts on the last day.”

Patients at the hospital are then allowed to pick out a present for themselves.

“We were blown away with the number of toys you guys brought, thank you so much for your efforts,” a spokesperson for one of the hospitals told police. “Our pediatric manager said they’ll be able to provide pretty much every pediatric patient with one of your toys for the next year. Thank you again, you guys are going to make a lot of little kids very happy.”

Rios added that everyone was very grateful.